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Your Own Sports Handicapping Website System

Our handicapper website solution provides an out of the box functioning turn-key website system for a handicapper or handicapping service. Get your sports handicapping website online for $14 a year! Set up is quick and easy!

We email your clients your picks. We also can promote you to thousands on the Capped Sports network if you want to make public picks. It's entirely up to you. You are in total control of your site.

Make all your picks private for your clients or make some picks private and some public.

It's up to you. We just host your site on our state of the art platform.

Only $14 a year?

Yes! That is the cost to register a domain name. The hosting is free courtesy of Capped Sports the fastest growing network for sports bettors on Earth.

What if I want to change my hosting in the future?

The domain name is yours. You can change the site any time you want. You register the domain name and you own it. Once it's registered you just point 2 configuration variables to our servers.

The total cost to run your handicapper website on the Capped Sports platform is $14. The hosting is free. It is really good too! The best in the industry.

It can be done in minutes if you have ever registered a domain name before. If you have never done that before it is still very, very easy.

Sign up above and and send a message to this link Capped Sports Admin with message "I'd like to get started with my handicapper website". We will contact you very shortly.

It's easy.

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